Pregnancy is the ultimate time of preparation. Life is about to change in a big way and you’re getting ready! You’re probably creating a baby registry, attending baby showers and imagining what you want the nursery to look like. You’re counting kicks, reading books, drafting a birth plan, packing your hospital bag and deciding on the perfect name. You could be making big financial and work-related decisions. Maybe you even hired a doula or took a child birth class.

You probably have some idea of how you want to feed your baby whether it’s breastfeed, combo feed or formula feed. Maybe you’ve purchased a few products you were told will be helpful. But what many new moms discover after delivery is that there is actually a lot to know about feeding babies, and it’s not as intuitive or as easy as they thought it would be. To complicate the situation, there’s a lot of misinformation out there that can lead you astray.

The reality is that 60% of mothers in the United States do not meet their breastfeeding goals. But don’t lose hope, there’s good news! You have the opportunity to set yourself up for success to meet your goals. Here are 5 reasons you’ll be glad you took a breastfeeding class during pregnancy.

1. Make an informed decision

You’ll learn the differences between formula and breastmilk and what these differences mean for you and your baby. You get to decide how to feed your baby, and learning about the differences can help you make an informed decision. The best decision for your family might be different than the best decision for your sister’s family, and that’s okay. You’re a great mom or dad no matter how you choose to feed your baby. 

2. Know what to expect

Nothing can truly prepare you for motherhood until you experience it for yourself, but having appropriate and realistic expectations for what life might look like with a newborn baby can be a game changer. A breastfeeding class can help you distinguish between what’s normal and not so normal. Plus, you can learn practical tips like how to know when your baby is hungry or what a typical day feeding your baby might look like. 

3. Prevent problems before they arise and know when to seek help

Most of the common breastfeeding problems can be prevented or overcome if you’re prepared and seek help quickly when necessary. Learn how to establish and maintain a great milk supply from the very beginning and how to latch your baby so that it doesn’t hurt. Getting off to a great start during the first few days of your baby’s life can increase the likelihood you’ll be successful long-term. That’s why waiting until your baby is born or until you’ve encountered problems to learn about breastfeeding is not ideal. Preparing ahead of time will help you recognize signs when something is not quite right, and you’ll know when to seek help from your medical provider. 

4. Feed your baby with confidence

As a new mama, it’s likely that you’ll be bombarded with unsolicited advice that potentially includes breastfeeding myths and misinformation. Taking a comprehensive, research-based breastfeeding class can empower you to feed your baby with confidence. You’ll have the tools you need to be successful and won’t be swayed by the opinions of others. 

5. Because you won't regret it

Lighten the load of the newborn period by learning about breastfeeding before your baby arrives. That way you can spend more time snuggling your sweet baby (who you’ve been dying to meet!) and less time troubleshooting breastfeeding problems. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard a mama say she was too prepared for breastfeeding. You won’t regret taking the time and making the small investment to learn more about feeding your baby. 

Not all breastfeeding classes are created equal. You’ll want to choose one that’s expert-taught, research-based and comprehensive. The Baby Nutritionist offers a prenatal breastfeeding class that’s all of these things and more! It’s over 2 hours of self-paced, professionally-filmed video instruction complete with photo and video demonstrations. The convenient online platform allows you to learn anytime, anywhere. For more information or to get access today, visit our website or find us on social media @thebabynutritionist. 

You’ve got this, mama!

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