Dads, you are so important.

Dads, you play such an important role when it comes to successful breastfeeding! Sure, you may not be able to help with feeding (at least not in the beginning), but there is so much you CAN do! Your support is such a gift to the mama in your life. Here are 4 practical ways you can be involved and supportive during the newborn days. 

  1. Encourage and build up your partner. She may feel unsure of herself as a new mom. Words of affirmation can go a long way when her hormones are all over the place, she’s healing, and she is learning how to be a mom to a brand new tiny human. If breastfeeding is not going well or she’s hit a bump in the road, encourage her to seek help quickly from a lactation consultant rather than reach for a can of formula. 
  2. Acts of service like taking out the diaper trash, doing dishes, folding laundry, fixing a meal, or bringing your partner her water bottle for the 100th time can go a really long way! Being a new mom can feel overwhelming and it’s so nice to know when your partner sees you and wants to help. 
  3. Bond with your baby in others ways besides feeding such as changing diapers, burping, dressing your baby, giving baths, doing skin-to-skin, calming your baby, or talking to or singing to your baby. 
  4. Help with the night-time routine as much as possible so that your partner doesn’t have to do it by herself multiple times a night. You may not be able to do the feeding, but you can still change the diapers (and clothes- because leaks happen!), swaddle your baby back up, and burp your baby after the feeding. 

Dads, we see you. You are amazing and self-sacrificial in so many ways. A lot of attention is focused on moms and babies in the newborn period, but you’re not forgotten, and you matter too! Your love, support, service, and encouragement will make all the difference for your growing family

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